Canopus ADVC-100
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Canopus ADVC-100 BuyNow |

Proven DV CODEC Technology
At the heart of ADVC100 is Canopus's proprietary DV codec chip providing the industry's best picture quality preservation during analog-to-DV and DV-to-analog conversion.

Locked Audio Support
Other converters can lose audio/video sync when converting longer segments of video. The ADVC-100 is the first inexpensive DV converter that supports locked audio when converting from analog to digital, assuring perfect audio and video synchronization.

> High Quality (original hardware design, co-developed with NEC
> Custom hardware Codec chip (original Canopus algorithm)
> Locked Audio Support (capture long clips w/perfect audio sync)
> Analog output of NTSC color bars for reference signal)
> 4-pin DV jack on front; 6-pin FireWire jack on back
> Analog input connector on front
> Analog output connector on back

<1> ADVC-100 Converter
<2> AC adapter
<3> DV cable (6 pin - 4 pin)
<4> Video cable (S-vid/comp)

DV Bridge
Data Video
(locked audio)
yes no no no
input line auto select yes* no no no
720x480 analog output yes yes no yes
YUV output no no no yes
NTSC/PAL support both NTSC both yes
front, back
analog in
both back only back only back only
DV jacks 2 1 2 1
Color Bar output yes no no yes
48kHz/16bit audio yes yes yes yes
32kHz/12bit audio yes yes yes yes

* auto select is only supported with Canopus capture cards.

Digital Video in/out
6pin S200 (200Mbps), 4pin S200 (200Mbps)

Analog Video in/out
> NTSC (525/60), PAL (625/50) S-video, composite

Audio in/out
stereo unbalanced line level

Sampling Frequency
48kHz/16bit/2ch, 32kHz/12bit/4ch

Power Input

Power Supply
DC5V AC Adapter AC100V/220V

Power Usage

> 146mm x 27.2mm x 120mm

ADVC100 Known Issues
The ADVC currently has compatibility issues with certain firewire cards using the Texas Instruments chipsets.

> Three-year parts and labor limited warranty

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