Canopus ADVC-500
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Canopus ADVC-500 BuyNow |

Proven DV CODEC Technology
At the heart of the ADVC-500 is Canopus's proprietary DV codec chip providing the industry's best picture quality preservation and locked audio support during analog to DV conversion. Locked audio ensures perfect audio and video synchronization at all times.

Advanced Usability
ADVC-500 is quickly configurable. Front panel controls include a mode switch, input line select, input audio select, audio sampling rate select, analog input level adjustment dials and peak audio meters. ADVC-500 boasts fully programmable windows control software for adjusting analog input settings:
> brightness
> contrast
> saturation
> hue
> sharpness
* ADVC-500 can operate as a stand-alone device not requiring a computer while keeping any preprogrammed settings.

> ADVC-500 front panel > ADVC-500 back panel

<1> ADVC-500 Box
<2> AC Adapter
<3> 4pin-6pin cable
<4> CD-ROM (Utility setup CD)
<5> Users Manual

Digital Video in/out
> DV4pin x 1
> DV6pin x 1

Analog Video in/out
> S-VIDEO (Mini DIN4 pin) x 1
> Composite (BNC) x 1
> Y (BNC) x 1
> B-Y (BNC) x 1
> R-Y (BNC) x 1

Sampling Frequency
> 32kHz 12bit Stereo, 32/48kHz 16bit Stereo

Audio Inputs

> RCA pin (Input impedance 47kOhm) unbalanced
> XLR-3-31 (Female) (1-gnd 2-hot 3-cold) balanced

Audio Outputs
> RCA pin (Output impedance 470 Ohm) unbalanced
> XLR-3-32 (male) (1-gnd 2-hot 3-cold) Output impedance 10Ohm balanced

Peak Meters
> 48dB to 0dB(FS) display
> 17dB to 0dB(FS) peak hold

Analog Input
> 2 x Rotary dial Adjustment

Power Supply
> AC Adapter

Box Size
> 19 inch rack mount (1U)

Front Panel Switches

> Mode switch
> Input line switch
> Input audio select
> Audio sampling rate select

Back Panel Switch Settings
> PHY Speed
> Update Mode
> Locked Audio Mode
> Audio Mixing
> Reserved
> Video Format
> NTSC Setup Level
> Reserved

> Three-year parts and labor limited warranty

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