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Video Capture/Editing Canopus Home/Business/Professional Products, More..
Sale ItemsProduct NameNow sorted by: Product Name, DescendingPrice
 Canopus Xplode Professional Software (enhanced to work with Nvidia Display Cards) : $693.00
 Canopus Xplode Professional 4 Software Upgrade from XplodeBasics or EDIUS : $346.50
 Canopus Xplode Professional 4 Software Upgrade from V3 : $173.25
 Canopus Xplode Professional 4 Software : Compatible with all capture cards including OHCI and designed to work with today’s popular No..$519.75
 Canopus Visual Effects Suite (bought with hardware) : $519.75
 Canopus Visual Effects Suite : Canopus Creativity Solutions The Canopus Visual Effects Suite is ideal for any professional video editor seeking an extra dimension in creative..$606.38
 Canopus SPECIAL: EDIUS Intro Offer from shipping until Aug 31st : Product specifications same as the Canopus Edius .$519.75
 Canopus SPECIAL: EDIUS & Spectra WF17 Dual Head AGP Display Card until Aug 31st : Edius Product specifications can be found here Canopus Edius . Spectra WF17 Dual Head VGA Display Card Product specifications ( click here )$773.85
 Canopus Production Suite : The complete video production software suite The Canopus Production Suite offers efficient,..$1,559.25
 Canopus Procoder FULL upgrade for EDIUS owners : $866.25

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